Life & Relationship Transition Coach

This review has been a long time coming. How do I even put into words the impact that Ksenia has had on my life? When we first met, my future looked to me like an empty dirt field and I was standing there with a handful of seeds, not knowing where to begin. Over the past 3 years, Ksenia has lovingly and skillfully helped me to nurture and develop this vision. Her foresight is the most acute that I have ever known, and she easily helps you to find more opportunities and potential in all areas. She's also extremely connected to the community on a large scale, which is how she creates a sort of web that is carefully woven to uplift everyone in it. The thing I love most about her is that she really listens and has a keen sense of awareness about what works and what doesn't... where compassion is needed and where tough love is more appropriate. She intuitively has guided me to where I am today. Having her in my corner has quite literally changed my life. What was once an empty field and a handful of idea seeds, is now a thriving and diverse crop that continues to produce enough abundance and light for me AND for the people that I serve. THANK YOU just doesn't feel like enough... but thank you, Ksenia! Thank you for seeing me even when I couldn't see myself.


Owner of Aum Vibe LLC // Southern California

Finding Ksenia was truly an incredible gift. I found her almost by accident, but the timing couldn’t have been better. In the incubation phase of a new concept for my business, I was searching for guidance on how to really ground those ideas into a solid, workable plan. Ksenia’s wonderful energy and ideas have given me not only the motivation to continue to move forward in the face of major challenges, but also an incredible approach to setting myself apart and marketing myself in a strategic way. I’m amazed by her ability to consistently drop in and know exactly where I’m at in the process and offer applicable guidance and real-time tools that allow me to be efficient, drop the distractions and stay in alignment with the purpose and vision of the project. Her approach is direct, lighthearted and fun. And that’s important because let’s face it, opening a business is extremely difficult. I’m now in a place where the doors are about to open. I’m giving birth to a long-time dream and Ksenia has been a huge behind the scenes support. In many ways, she’s been the mid-wife in the birth of my business. A true ace in the deck and secret sauce to success! I’m beyond grateful for her support and will continue to seek her out as a friend and mentor for many years to come.


Life and Leadership Coach, Director at Holistic Underground

Working with Ksenia leaves me with a sense of clarity, success and being supported. In our various creative and professional collaborations, I always know that she is going to show up 100% as a presence of empowerment and initiative while providing a compassionate listening ear and room for all present to shine. She is well networked, resourced and very skilled in many areas form organizational and business development to personal and spiritual growth, and if it's not her, it's someone she knows that's gonna be the perfect fit.

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