My passion is supporting purposeful individuals and organizations in fulfilling their vision with ease and grace. I'd love to work with you if you are looking for a grounded,

clear and centered guide. 

Main areas of my coaching work include business consulting, personal development, womens empowerment, leadership and relationship dynamics (personal or collaborative groups). 


I use a holistic approach to support your self-discovery and often weave in biomimicry,  astrology, Ayurveda, human design, eft tapping, breathwork, social permaculture, earth wisdom and ritual to help you achieve a calm mind, balanced body and resilient spirit. I am here to empower you to be your own teacher and healer, unlocking the innate wisdom you were born with.

Single Session 75 min Call $150

4 Sessions Package 4 x 75 min $600

8 Sessions Package 8 x 75 min $1000


I'm here to support you in understanding a clearer map of your life that honors the past and is aligned with your future vision. 

My specialty is uplifting creatives, healers, entrepreneurs, coaches, busy mamas, mission-driven business leaders and other womxn on the Mission who experience the following, but not limited to:

Fear of being seen

Burnout, depression, anxiety

Challenges around setting boundaries

Blockages in expressing themselves

Lack of consistency, financial stability

Lack of  structure and organization  in achieving goals

Self limiting beliefs and generally feeling stuck in life

Together we will design daily rituals and work practices to suit your unique schedule so you can experience the state of flow and thrive in every area of your life such as relationships, career, money, health, spirituality and purpose.


During our sessions, you will receive guided visualizations, herbal remedies, podcasts/book recommendations, holistic practices, customized action plan and self-care tips to best serve your needs. Expect to gain a greater knowledge of self, your gifts and your role at the times of Great Turning.


Single Session 75 min Call $150 · 4 Sessions Package 4 x 75 min $600 · 8 Sessions Package 8 x 75 min $1000

In most cases, 4-6 sessions are required to see tangible results. 

Schedule a FREE 30 min call to get started.


I support solopreneurs and organizations to achieve an effective transformation, fulfilling their vision, building community and making a bigger impact with their business.

Working with holistic businesses, wellness studios, healing practitioners, non-profits organizations, creative teams and regenerative land projects is my jam. From seed to sprout, I'd be honored to help you tend to your vision.

Team building

Business strategy

Leadership coaching

Concept development

Whole systems thinking

Organizational development

Curriculum and program design

Brand development / social media

Unlocking collective team intelligence

Clarifying your mission, vision, core values

Bringing feminine approach to your business

Mapping out potential collaborators, partners and investors

Refining work process and implementing  efficiency tools

Business consulting (in person / call): 2 hours $500 / custom rate depending on project.

I often do contract based work with holistic practitioners, wellness companies, nonprofits  and other creative projects  to help them with establishing online presence, strategic planning, structuring offerings, attracting the right clients and creating a sustainable business. If you are looking for an experienced online business manager, email me and we can discuss a potential collaboration. 


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This offering is for you if you're standing at the threshold between the previous way of structuring your identity, time, or relationships, and a new way. You're ready for change, you're yearning for deeper understanding of Self and your place in the greater Ecosystem.

This is my most potent offering, the result of 10 years of self cultivation, spiritual path and soul searching. I have designed a one day deep dive to fit into your busy schedule.  This experience will serve as a catalyst for alignment, creativity and connection to your essence. The ultimate self care gift.

Liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘what will be'. It is a place of transition, waiting, and reflection. It is where all transformation takes place, if we learn to wait and let it form us. I would be honored to hold you in this tender and yet powerful Space.

I have been in this space many times in life and have gathered these powerful tools to share with you. This is not a quick solution, rather a rich toolkit for transformation designed just for you. I weave ancient wisdom with modern science to cultivate a unique one day program to activate your potential and empower you to share your gifts with the world.


1 week before /1-hour call - I will ask you deep reflective questions to help me understand your intentions, needs and desires. Then we will make an assessment of the 8 main areas of your life  and fill in the gaps using Human Design, Astrology, Numerology and Ayurveda for the Holistic approach of our day retreat. This way, your personal immersion will be highly personalized and designed specifically for you.

11 am - We will meet at a stunning healing sanctuary in the heart of San Francisco (East Bay is also an option). I will make sure the space feels cozy and warm for your personal retreat. No distractions, no screens, all undivided attention to nurturing you and your life purpose. Our day will start with a Tea Meditation to bring us in coherence and allow a deeper sense of presence. I work intuitively and often we will pull Tarot cards, practice Qi Gong, use essential oils or do an energy clearing to reset you before the Deep Dive.

12-4pm - Our main session with a break for a delicious lunch prepared based on your Ayurvedic constitution and diet preferences. I will also provide you with healthy snacks and herbal adaptogen libations to fuel your day. These 4 hours bring you face to face with your dormant potential, subconscious patterns and deep fears that block you from having a fulfilling life.  Together, we will create a map and toolkit for navigating your unique situation and you will gain alignment, faith, inspiration and clarity on the next steps on your path.

4 pm - Equipped with your fully mapped out path ahead, strategic action steps and tools to navigate times of transition, you will receive an hour healing session from my all-time favorite Holistic Health practitioner. Expect rejuvenating massage and other modalities like cupping/ acupuncture / zero-balancing if your body is asking for it. You deserved this!

5:30pm - We will close the day with an Integration, Journaling and Setting Commitments for the path ahead.

6 pm - Refreshed, inspired and confident, you are heading to your next destination. You will walk away with a customized herbal potion, superfood snacks and self-care gift to continue the journey on your own.

1-hour call / 1 week after - We will connect again after our Immersion to ensure that you are on the right path and your needs for deeper reset were met. You will also receive an email with all the notes, recommendations and additional resources.

Other elements that can be woven into your experience:

​Guided somatic journey · Nature walk and forest bathing · Herbal and folk medicine recipes · Collection of healthy nutrition recipes ·

Manifestation and dream-work practices · Modalities like EFT tapping, Reiki, Kundalini, Sound Healing, Restorative yoga, 

Breathwork and many more · Referral to most incredible healers, therapists and other network recommendations.

* If you are not local to Bay Area, interested in having this experience tailored to a small group of friends or you would like me to come to your home instead, please email me so we can discuss the custom quote.


$1100 - $1500

Limited Spots available. Please email me to get started.

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